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Chief Data & Analytics Officers, Fall

October 19-21, 2020 | Boston, MA & Online

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Featured content:

How Data is Driving Digital Transformation

In Q1 of 2018, we interviewed 100 senior data and analytics professionals. The study was commissioned by Paxata, Accenture and Microsoft and the results are presented with commentary from our advisory board members and sponsors.

The report was designed to give an overview of the challenges, opportunities and technology requirements facing those responsible for accelerating data and analytics within their organization.

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How Artificial(ly) Intelligent is your Marketing Mix Model?

How Artificial(ly) Intelligent is your Marketing Mix Model_

Marketing Mix Modelling (MMx) has long established itself as a credible method to evaluate marketing effectiveness and is used by Brand Managers for media planning. Marketing Mix models are sophisticated Regression models that are built on past data that help us understand the relationship between marketing & some non-marketing factors (like economy, weather, competition etc) with a brand’s sales (or any other similar KPI). 

Find out more by downloading the report!

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Getting Started With Augmented Intelligence

Getting Started With Augmented Intelligence Genpact

When you blend artificial intelligence with human judgment, humans have more time to think, build relationships and innovate. AI can analyze large volumes of multidimensional, real-time data to generate intelligent recommendations.

These recommendations can be combined with years of human knowledge, experience, and technological expertise to determine when and how to act from a single source of truth.

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Data-Centric Data Protection

Data-Centric Data Protection

Consumers are increasingly making trust a primary criteria for purchase decisions. A recent Harvard Business Review article declared, “If you’re selling a product, you’re now selling trust.”1That wealth of information customers are handing over creates an organizational obligation to protect their data; neglecting that obligation will negatively impact a brand’s reputation and customer trust.

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Persistent Myths of Cloud Data Warehouses

Persistent Myths of Cloud Data Warehouses - Actian

Even though cloud data warehouses form a crucial part of the IT landscape, they are still misunderstood in important ways. Most notably, not all cloud data warehouses are the same: different cloud data warehouse platforms offer unique features and tools. Companies need to ensure they select the right cloud data warehouse for their current needs and future requirements.

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Gina Papush, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, QBE at CAO Fall. Gina describes the challenges of having such a diverse set of products, and what this means for managing multiple sources of data.

This interview covers:
  • How the advances of technology have enabled them to make accurate predictions
  • How multiple sourves of data have presented unique challenges
  • She describes the biggest challenge she faces is maintaining trust with business partners

Privitar Case Study

Privitar Case Study

Privitar helps NHS Digital improve healthcare, protect patient privacy, support a tenfold data increase, and expand its services by partnering with AWS. The company provides software designed to enable enterprise-wide data-privacy protection. Privitar helped NHS Digital deploy Privitar Publisher, a solution that runs on the AWS Cloud.

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The Data Literacy Index

The Data Literacy Index - Qlik

In every industry across the globe there has been an explosion in the data available for decision making. Yet for too long, so much of the value held within data has been left out of the hands of those who can derive meaning from it.

Download Qlik's The Data Literacy Index whitepaper to find out more.

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Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service Providers, Worldwide

Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service Providers, Worldwide

Data and analytics service providers can help data and analytics leaders accelerate and transform their ability to deliver data-driven insights and innovative solutions to business leaders. This research helps to identify, evaluate and select services and solutions from 19 key market vendors.

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Data Goes Into the Cloud, Customer Delight Comes Out

Data In Delight Out (1)

Consumers are taking control of their customer experiences. Instead of creating those experiences, retailers must now focus on contributing in thoughtful and personalized ways. Innovative approaches allow brands to artfully engage with their customers, transforming the customer experience to customer delight.

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Search 4.0 White Paper

Search 4.0 - Sutherland

Cognitive knowledge discovery allows businesses to get the right information to the right people in the shortest right time. Existing methods of search made it inefficient and impractical for people to quickly search for vital information on their enterprise networks.

Here are the challenges faced by legacy data search and management systems.

  • One size doesn’t fit all
  • Context is everything
  • Irrelevant and inaccurate search results
  • User behavior, anyone?
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AI-Powered Data Discovery

AI-Powered DAta Discovery- Promethium

Getting the “right” data for BI/Analytics is an unnecessarily labor-intensive process, with too much data fragmented across multiple systems, vendors and locations. For businesses to be competitive, they need answers immediately.


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