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9th Edition

Chief Data & Analytics Officers
Fall 2023

The Premier In-Person Gathering for Data & Analytics Leaders in North America

October 4 - 6, 2023
Marriott Copley Place | Boston, MA
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Speaker Spotlight:

Vijay Venkatesan
Chief Analytics Officer 
Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey
Vijay Venkatesan


As a senior business and technology executive distinguished by strong financial background, strategic application of emerging technologies, consulting experience, and operational leadership, I am taking companies to next-level growth and driving innovation. I build clear business cases for new cloud-based solutions, set IT governance standards, and build stakeholder consensus. I have developed high-performing teams in highly matrixed organizations. I am known as an industry thought leader, board member (GNS Healthcare), and even featured industry speaker at conferences.
 Strategy, Vision, Execution
 Data, Digital, Analytics
 Cloud and SaaS Solutions
 ROI Focused Projects
 Service Excellence
 Growth and Diversification

2022 CDAO Fall Session: TBD



CDAO Fall Virtual Panel Discussion:

Overcoming 2022’s Top Data and AI Strategy Roadblocks

Our 2022 AI Strategy Priorities report highlighted some of the top challenges AI-focused executives will face in the coming months as they seek to advance their strategies and drive business results.

These include improving inefficient data governance processes, developing scalable analytics and AI capabilities and securing the necessary budget and executive support for information architecture investment.

Building on these findings, we invited some of the executives who contributed their insights to the report to share their advice for overcoming these data and AI strategy barriers in an exclusive panel discussion at our recent CDAO Fall Virtual event.


Recap of Vijay Venkatesan 2021 Session at CDAO Fall

Scaling Analytics and Data Democratization Initiatives

Contributors from our 2022 AI Strategy Priorities report shared their tips for overcoming the strategic challenges this research highlights in a panel discussion at CDAO Fall Virtual.

Democratizing data and analytics through self-service tools or dashboards helps provide a foundation for data-driven decision-making across the enterprise. But only 9% of the 100 executives we surveyed for our 2022 AI Strategy Priorities research say most of the staff in their organizations currently have access to relevant insights for their roles.

For the panelists at CDAO Fall Virtual, this statistic came as no surprise. They attributed this to factors including changes in how businesses consume data, persistent data silos and the fact that companies are dealing with more information than ever before.

Ali Bajwa, Director of Partner Engineering at cloud platform provider Cloudera, noted that this means information is spread often all over the organization, creating pockets of analytics that make it more difficult to extract insights across the full data at scale.

“We see this struggle between central and shadow IT a lot, where you have central IT thinking long-term and shadow IT trying to spin up whatever they need, whenever they need,” Rai agreed. “It takes a high level of governance in a company to avoid different groups trying to manage their own data and coming up with different data solutions.”

Vijay Venkatesan, Chief Analytics Officer at healthcare and health insurance provider Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, concurred: “A lot of organizations have pockets of analytics spread throughout them. So, when you ask what self-service really means, you’ll get different answers.”

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Join Vijay Venkatesan at CDAO Fall 2022

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Ishita Majumda, VP, Data Analytics Platform at eBay, shares how the online retail giant’s strategy for establishing data-driven business practices has evolved in recent months

What Data Democratization Looks Like at eBay in 2022

Data democratization has become a hot topic in recent years. Increasingly, enterprises want to empower non-data staff to use data-driven insights and embed data-driven business practices across their whole organizations.

For many companies, data democratization initiatives start with delivering programs to improve the data literacy of non-technical staff. But in this week’s Business of Data podcast, eBay’s VP, Data Analytics Platform, Ishita Majumdar, shares how this alone has not been sufficient to entrench data-driven business practices at the e-commerce giant.



Join Vijay Venkatesan at CDAO Fall 2022

For a limited time, qualified attendees can receive a free pass to attend. Submit your application now.

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