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9th Edition

Chief Data & Analytics Officers
Fall 2023

The Premier In-Person Gathering for Data & Analytics Leaders in North America

October 4 - 6, 2023
Marriott Copley Place | Boston, MA
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Speaker Spotlight:

Raj Yakkali
Former VP, Data Analytics  

Raj Yakkali is a Data and Analytics leader with 18+ years of progressive experience across diverse and competitive industries: Education, AdTech, E-commerce, and Healthcare. Executes with customer focus and a strategic vision in solving complex business challenges through effective utilization of data management and analytics engineering.

Areas of Expertise:
Data Strategy | Digital Transformation | Analytics Engineering | Data Architecture and Governance | Business Analytics | Machine Learning/AI | Change Management | Data Science | Data Security | Big Data | Data warehousing | Database Technologies- Relational, MPP ,Document/NoSQL Data systems | DataGovOps | Cloud Platforms [Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS] | Agile product management

2022 CDAO Fall Session: TBD



Retail Sector Data Strategy:

Championing a Data-Driven Culture

This session from CDAO Fall Virtual 2021 focuses on the importance of a Data-Driven Culture in Retail. Where each panelist shared  insights of the culture within their organization and discussed key elements of a successful data-driven environment.

Connect with Raj Yakkali at CDAO Fall 2022

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Recap of Raj Yakkali 2021 Session at CDAO Fall

Retail Sector Data Strategy Maturity on Display

The retail executives who spoke at CDAO Fall Virtual say demand for data-driven capabilities soared over the past 18 months. But many retailers are still in the early stages of their journeys to data maturity

Some technology companies and firms in the financial sector are experimenting with moving away from centralized data functions and creating cross-functional teams embedded in business units. But the stories speakers at CDAO Fall Virtual shared suggest that retail businesses generally have not yet reached this stage of their data journeys.

“The organizational structure has to evolve around our ability to support [business] needs,” said Raj Yakkali, VP, Data and Analytics at fashion brand Reformaiton. “We came up with the thought process of interconnecting both data and analytics together, where we are looking at both defensive strategies and offensive strategies in one big bucket.”

“At some other organizations, you may want to break it up by the business functions, as well,” he continued. “Each business function may have different objectives in itself.”


For Sean MacCarthy, Executive Director Global Analytics and Store Segmentation, Claire’s; the key thing for retailers at the start of their data journeys is to ensure their data functions are separated from their IT functions and given the autonomy to drive their strategies forward.

“If you don’t have the data ecosystems housed under the people who actually have to solve the business problems from a data science and analytics perspective, oftentimes you find a lot of problems,” he said. “It’s too driven like an IT organization. It’s not scrappy and quick enough to respond to changing business needs.”

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Connect with Raj Yakkali at CDAO Fall 2022

For a limited time, qualified attendees can receive a free pass to attend. Submit your application now. 

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