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9th Edition

Chief Data & Analytics Officers
Fall 2023

The Premier In-Person Gathering for Data & Analytics Leaders in North America

October 4 - 6, 2023
Marriott Copley Place | Boston, MA
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Speaker Spotlight:

Ishita Majumdar
VP, Data Analytics Platform 


As a Product and Technology leader, I lead with influence and inspiration to create impact. I drive transformations at technology, product and organization level. In my 20+ years of technology experience, I am valued for customer empathy, product development and cross-functional, people management. As a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion, I actively invest in mentoring and sponsoring girls in tech, and women in tech. I am an avid speaker and champion on technology, diversity and the intersection of the two.

Specialties: Technology and Products, Lead by influence, Organizational Transformation, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

2022 CDAO Fall Session: TBD



Creating a Single Source of Truth:

Data Integration - What does the Future Hold

This session from CDAO Fall Virtual 2021 focuses on creating a Single Source of Truth: Data Integration - What does the Future Hold. Where each panelist shared the importance of Data Integration in their organization.
Recap of Ishita Majumdar's 2021 Session at CDAO Fall

Retail Sector Data Strategy Maturity on Display

The retail executives who spoke at CDAO Fall Virtual say demand for data-driven capabilities soared over the past 18 months. But many retailers are still in the early stages of their journeys to data maturity

Arguably, COVID-19 has done for retail sector data strategy what the Global Financial Crash did for financial services data and analytics. The past 18 months have seen accelerated investment in digital, data and analytics capabilities across the sector. And this year’s CDAO Fall Virtual summit highlighted what this has meant for the data maturity of many of America’s top retail brands.

“It wouldn’t be a stretch to say [data is] the biggest asset of eBay,” said Ishita Majumdar, VP Data Analytics Platforms at eBay. “Data is what empowers our decisions, our insights, our analytics and, most importantly, data helps personalize your buying experience.”


However, speakers at the event said advancing data-driven business transformations takes time. For companies such as eBay and Domino’s, that are harnessing their data assets to differentiate themselves from their competitors, this success is the result of years of planning and investment.

“In my personal experience, you need to invest and make [data] culture happen,” noted Frederique De Letter, Director, Enterprise Data Intelligence at Domino’s. “All of us have to educate a lot of the organization. All of us have to identify what our relevant use cases [are that] can actually drive value. It takes a lot of time.”

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Join Ishita Majumdar at CDAO Fall 2022

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Ishita Majumda, VP, Data Analytics Platform at eBay, shares how the online retail giant’s strategy for establishing data-driven business practices has evolved in recent months

What Data Democratization Looks Like at eBay in 2022

Data democratization has become a hot topic in recent years. Increasingly, enterprises want to empower non-data staff to use data-driven insights and embed data-driven business practices across their whole organizations.

For many companies, data democratization initiatives start with delivering programs to improve the data literacy of non-technical staff. But in this week’s Business of Data podcast, eBay’s VP, Data Analytics Platform, Ishita Majumdar, shares how this alone has not been sufficient to entrench data-driven business practices at the e-commerce giant.

As many companies do in the early stages of data transformation, eBay established an internal analytics university. It provides a series of courses taught by Majumdar’s team. But over time, it became clear this academy was not driving change at scale.

“Everyone attended the classes and ticked all the boxes,” Majumdar explains. “But they were also saying the product manager’s job [for example] is so complicated that, if they must make the time to write these very complex SQL queries, it becomes a two-person job. That’s when I suggested we take the data where the user is.”

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Join Ishita Majumdar at CDAO Fall 2022

For a limited time, qualified attendees can receive a free pass to attend. Submit your application now. 


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