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9th Edition

Chief Data & Analytics Officers
Fall 2023

The Premier In-Person Gathering for Data & Analytics Leaders in North America

October 4 - 6, 2023
Marriott Copley Place | Boston, MA
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Speaker Spotlight:

Anwar Mirza
Head of Data Strategy & Governance
FedEx Express
Anwar Mirza


Has honored us in the past and continues to by sharing his philosophy for developing and implementing effective data strategies.

Mirza drives home how data governance forms the core of any data strategy, and why the data strategy must enable the overall corporate strategy. The two should never exist independently of each other.

Importantly,  his experiences about how to bring the rest of the business into the data management process by using language and concepts that have meaning in different business contexts.


2022 CDAO Fall Session: TBD



Business of Data

Data Conversations Over Coffee with Anwar Mirza (FedEx Express)

Gives his top three tips for building an effective data management strategy. 

Key Takeaways

  • Scalability is key – be able to scale up data management capabilities by making them consistent and repeatable
  • Automation enables scalability – automate data management processes to achieve data management ‘at scale’
  • Solid processes ensure consistency – define and articulate the processes so they are auditable, repeatable and shareable


Join Anwar Mirza at CDAO Fall 2022

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Europe’s Top Data Innovators

Driving Business Value and Having Fun in a Pandemic

Fast-changing business conditions and uncertainty about what the future may hold have increased the stock value of data teams in businesses across Europe this year.  

Surging demand for accurate, relevant and timely data was a key topic in the European-focused virtual roundtable we hosted this month to celebrate the release of our 2020 Global Top 100 Innovators in Data and Analytics list.

“The expectation that the turnaround on demand is going to be quick and almost instantaneous has always been there,” said FedEx Express Global Head of Data Governance Anwar Mirza. “But [it’s] really being brought to the forefront now.”

For many businesses, the demand for data-based insights is at an all-time high. Delivering on that demand means data leaders need to ensure the backbone of their data strategy is solid.

“[Ensuring data is] being mastered, defined properly and owned,” explained Mirza. “That, along with this increase [in demand] for analytics data has been a challenge that a lot of companies and colleagues of mine have faced.”


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Keynote International Presentation:

Data-as-a-Service: The Holy Grail

Day 3 Session 1:

Data Governance Excellence Day 

Anwar Mirza discusses his perspectives on data management and how it relates to connected thinking. In addition, he covers how business strategy drives data strategy. Lastly, Mirza speaks to deploying a simplified Data Strategy Model. 


Join Anwar Mirza at CDAO Fall 2022

For a limited time, qualified attendees can receive a free pass to attend. Submit your application now. 

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